Humidifier Wick Filter Replacement

To make sure that your humidifier provides the most benefits to your health and environment, it is important to replace the wick regularly. This will also ensure that your machine functions to its maximim capability.

If you have a wick style of humidifier, the wick itself acts like a filter.  It absorbs the water held in the machine's tank, and allows the water to evaporate in the air.  This evaporation is self-regulating as it depends upon the relative humidity of the room that the humidifier is in.  The lower the hunidity of the room, the higher will be the evaporation from the wick.  As the room becomes nicely humidified, the rate of evaporation will naturally decrease with those helpful laws of physics.

The wick itself will need regular replacement toensure the machine continues to do its job.  Humidifiers whose wicks are not replaced will stop humidifying the room, leaving the water in the reservior.  As well as leaving you with an ineffective humidifier, this can be an unhealthy situation.

Hopefully you've kept your humidifier handbook after you originally opened the box and started using the machine.  This contains instuctions which you're likely to need to refer to throughout your humidifier's lifetime, including the important details of how often you should replace the wick.  If you've discarded or mislaid this instruction booklet, as a general estimate most wicks will need to be replaced at least once every season, and possibly twice.

The hardness or softness of your water does make a difference - if you use hard water in your humidfier you'll need to replace the wick more often than if your water was soft.  This is due to the fact that the hardness of hard water is caused by minerals in the water, like calcium and magnesium.  The higher percentage of minerals causes more rapid clogging of the wick.

Another consideration affecting a wick's life is the amount of time that you use your humidifier.  A machine that is switched for only a couple of hours a day will need less replacement wicks than one which is constantly on.  Checking by sight to view whether the wick appears to exhibit discolouration can give you an idea of whether it needs to be replaced.

Here at Best Humidifier we feature wicks for many models of machine, from various sources so that you can get the best deal and ensure that you get the right wick.  Just visit the pages below for a wick for your brand of humudifier. If your brand isn't one of those mentioned, try the seection of "Replacements for Other Various Types and Models".
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