Emerson and Kenmore Humidifier Wick

In order to ensure that humidifiers provide you with an agreeable atmosphere, they need to be given a fresh replacement wick from time to time. Choose from these Emerson and Kenmore Humidifier Wick replacements for your own particular model to be certain that your machine stays healthy. Performing regular replacements will also ensure that it continues to work at its maximum efficiency.

Rps Products E2R Wick Filter Replacement Humidifier Rps Products E2R Wick Filter Replacement Humidifier

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  • Wick Filter Replacement Humidifier
  • <b>Compatibility: </b> 1211, For Emerson HD500, 7002, 2412, 6200
  • <b>Height: </b> two in.
  • <b>Width: </b> 11 in.
  • <b>Length: </b> 6.25 in.
  • <b>Dimension: </b> 11.75 H x 6.7 W x 5.5 L in.
  • <b>Weight: </b> 0.6

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Emerson and Kenmore Humidifier Filter

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