Replacement Bemis Humidifier Wick

Your humidifier works happily away without complaining to provide you with comfortable and healthy air. Every now and then it needs a touch of care in return from you. It is esential that you change your humidifier's wick on a regular basis. With its wick regularly replaced, your humidifier will ensure that it keeps giving that pleasant, healthy atmosphere, but if not changed, the wick can become a breeding area of contaminants and build-ups. Ensure that you get the best quality atmosphere in your home with a new replacement Bemis humidifier wick.

Essick Air Products 1044 Humidifier Wick Essick Air Products 1044 Humidifier Wick

Wicking humidifier filters are extremely efficient at delivering natural moisture into your home's atmosphere but over time water-borne minerals are naturally deposited on the filter's surfaces reducing its capability to absorb and wick moisture. To ascertain top performance it is necessary to replace your filter periodically. This authentic Bemis Essick Air Replacement wicking filter will restore optimum efficiency to your console humidifier.

<b>Fits Bemis and Essick Air Humidifiers:</b> 916-600 926-000 9166 E27-000 and all 900 Series Humidifiers.

  • supplies clean and natural evaporative humidification.
  • No untidy white dust.
  • Maintain optimal moisture comfort with its unique design.
  • captures and retains mineral deposits.
  • authentic Bemis/Essick Air Original Equipment made for use in your humidifier.
  • suggest replacement frequency is at least twice a season.
  • Dimension - 1.5 x 8 x 7.5 in.

Sale price $10.68
Save on normal price of $13.88

Essick Air Products 1045 Replacement Humidifier Wick Filter Essick Air Products 1045 Replacement Humidifier Wick Filter

Replacement wick filter for Bemis Waterwick humidifiers. Replacement Console wick. Fits H12 series.

  • Dimension - 12 x 17 x 15.
  • Item Weight - 3.07 pounds.

Sale price $24.68
Save on normal price of $32.08

RPS CB43 Water Wick Humidifier Filter RPS CB43 Water Wick Humidifier Filter


  • Antimircrobial Wick Filter
  • captures impurities in the water
  • Up to 150-Percent stronger
  • Aluminum reinforcement
  • Filter fits Essick Air/Bemis eight hundred and 8000 series
  • Patented strengthened design for longer life and better efficiency
  • Water Wick Humidifier Filter
  • <b>Dimension:</b> 12.5 H x 10.75 W x 4.3 L
  • <b>Weight:</b> 0.8 pounds

Sale price $20.83
Save on normal price of $27.08

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