Humidifier Replacement Filters

In order to ensure maximum health benefits and efficiency, it is vital that you change the filter on your humidifier at regular intervals.

Your machine's instructions or handbook should provide you with details on how often you should perform a replacement. If you've lost the handbook, as a rough guideline most humidifiers should have their filter changed at least once every three months, and possibly twice during this timescale. The harder your water is, the more often you'll need to do a change. This is because hard water is caused by mineral salts, in particular calcium and magnesium. These can clog the filter faster, thus meaning that you'll need to change it more often.

The amount of use that you make of your machine will also determine how often you need to do a change. If your humifier is turned on for a significant percentage of the day, the filter should be replaced more often than if you only use it every now and then.

As with many things, a quick sight test can often be a good guideline. If you see that the filter is looking a bit discolored, it's quite possibly a good idea to think about changing it.

If you're packing your humidifier away for the season, throw away the old filter or wick. It's a good idea to put a note by your humidifier reminding you to insert a new one at the beginning of the next season. One thing you definitely don't wat to do is forget to put in a new one when you first take your humidifier out again for use.

When buying your replacement filters, its a good idea to buy a few at once. This will ensure that you always have spares available, and is likely to save you money over the longer term, especially from that dreaded curse caled inflation (eek!).

You can buy humidifier replacement filters online for many of the popular brands and models by following the hyperlinks below. If you've got a brand that's not listed, you may discover a replacement for your particular make of humidifier through the Other General Brands hyperlink.

Best wishes and stay healthy!
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