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Evaporative humidifiers are a type of cool mist humidifier. They use a reservoir, wick and fan system to provide healthy humidified air to your home or office. They can be used to humidify large or small areas and their abilty to cope very well with larger areas if needed, gives them a relatively low cost per square foot when considering purchasing the unit. They also have a low running cost, especially when compared to warm mist humidifiers. Unlike some cool mist humidifiers, the evaporative type of humidifier does not produce a spraying effect, so they are less likely to disperse germs or bacteria.

Another of the advantages which are particular to evaporative humififiers are that they are self-regulating. In a very dry room the amount of evaporation will be higher than that provided to a more humid room.

Usually special plastics are used to produce evaporative humidifiers. This, in addition to antibacterial wicks and a special structure which stops stale water from building up around the wick, will ensure that your humidier produces the healthies water vapour possible. Simply change the wick every now and then in accordance with the instructions that you'll get with your humidifier and you'll keep your air quality healthy and pleasantly improved instead of having to continue to endure that dry uncomfortable atmosphere you may be used to suffering through.

How do Evaporative Humidifiers Work? The secret is hidden in the name. Evaporative humidifiers use the effects of evaporation in their operation. Evaporation is the process where liquid water turns into water vapor. This process depends on kinetic theory and the movement of molecules.

Even at room temperature, molecules of liquid water in the humidifier's reservoir are constantly moving at the microscopic level, and bumping into each other. Each time a molecule bumps into another, it passes kinetic energy to the other molecule. If a molecule which is in contact with the air obtains enough kinetic energy it can break free of the liquid surface and become water vapor.

The process of evaporation is employed at high efficiency in an evaporative humidifier. The wick absorbs water from the reservior tank, and has two functions. The first job that the wick does is to filter out mineral deposits, microorgansms and other impurities from the water. The second function is to provide a large surface area. Ensuring that a large surface area of liquid water is in contact with the air will allow a good amount of evaporation to occur (remember that only those molecules of liquid water that are in direct contact with the air can evaporate to form water vapor).

Once the wick has naturally absorbed water from the reservoir, the fan then takes its place of honour and performs its job. The fan pushes a flow of air over the surface of the wick. This air, moving at speed, provides the molecules of water at the wick's surface with additional energy. Added to the kinetic energy they already have by being bumped around by other water molecules, the energy provided by the air blowing across the surface sets the water molecules free to become water vapor.

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