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Air washer humidifiers are a particular type of evaporative humidifier which not only humidifies the air but also act as an air purifier. As such they can be considered as 2-in one units, or sometimes even 3-in one as some models also include a heating function which can significantly contribute to your indoor space heating.

How Airwasher Humidifiers Work

One type of Air Washer humidifier works by using a rotating disc system using one or more hardened plastic discs. When rotating, the bottom part of the discs dip into a water tank. As they turn, a separate fan within the unit takes air into the humidifier and blows it onto the moistened disks. This has the effect of giving the air the required humidity in addition to cleaning the air. Unwanted particles of dust and dirt are cleaned out of the air and trapped in the water on the discs. This then is cleaned out in the water reservoir. A well as the air purification properties, another benefit of this type of humidifier is that there are no wicks or filters to be replaced, which will save you in costs over the medium to long term and also avoid the hassle of having to remember to change filters regularly.

The other popular type of air washer humidifier employs a conveyor-belt style wicking element. The belt runs between two rotating cylinders, one positioned above the other. These cylinders cause the wicking element to move up, around and down around them in the same way as a converyor belt works but vertically instead of horizontally. One cylinder is positioned in the water tank, so that as the cylinders turn and the belt runs, the moistened belt rises. A fan then blows on the this, which causes air to be forced through the moist belt. This has the effect both of cleaning the air and also of humidifying it too. Usually the belt is machine washable so again you don't need to worry about buying replacements unlike general filter or wick-style humidifiers.

Choose one of the airwasher humidifiers below and make your home a lovely place in which to live and breathe.

Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer

The Stadler Form ROBERT Air Washer is a 2-in-1 humidifier and air purifier and will assure your room to have a clean and pleasant climate throughout the calendar. The powerful air washer evaporates up to 13.2 liters of water over each twenty-four hour period and is also suitable for large rooms. Robert efficiently filters particles from the air and is the perfect roommate for those suffering from allergies. The touch display enables exquisite and simple operation.

Price 989.99 CAD

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